Euronews I EU Policy. 8 MEPs who could dominate economic and finance policy after the elections - 15.05.2024

The EU’s 720 lawmakers will spend the next five years pondering issues including a digital euro and capital markets reform – but which MEPs will likely stand out? 

Elections to the new European Parliament are now just weeks away, and headline polling suggests there’ll be a swing to the right. 

But alongside the party politics, MEPs can also have a personal spin on lawmaking, championing their own hobby horses and leading work on key pieces of legislation. With the rising cost of living and supporting economic growth ranked among EU citizens’ biggest concerns, and MEPs poised to consider major laws on capital markets and a digital euro, financial issues are going to be a key part of their five-year mandate.

Here’s eight of the most prominent names who could influence EU economic issues over the coming five years. 

1. Stéphanie Yon-Courtin (France/Renew Europe) 

The French lawmaker was recently named the most active legislator shaping capital markets and financial policy, in the MEP Influence Index compiled by EU Matrix. Yon-Courtin previously worked as a lawyer at the European Commission and as an advisor to the French competition authority from 2007 to 2010.

In recent years, she has negotiated the EU's fiscal rules and reforms to consumer protection rules for retail investors – where she gutted controversial Commission plans that would have limited monetary incentives paid to financial intermediaries. 

Yon-Courtin is the 13th candidate for France's Renaissance party, so she still has a good chance of winning a seat in the next parliament – even if polling suggests President Emmanuel Macron’s party will suffer significant losses.

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